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Living in Light of the Son

A message from Paul Campbell – Leadership Team Chair

Lighthouse Community,

This past weekend you may have noticed the weather was starting to get a bit nicer. I spent most of Saturday cleaning my yard in anticipation of the warm weather and I even noticed new growth beginning to peek out in some areas. When working outside in the early spring you tend to notice a significant temperature difference between the areas in the sun and the areas in the shade. So much so that on the south side of my house things are starting to grow while on the north side, the area mostly shaded, there is still snow and the ground was still frozen. I worked a bit in the shaded areas on Saturday but noticed I often stepped into the sun just to feel the warmth on my face. Just to take in the energy you get with the bright sun shining on you after a long cold winter.

I thought for a bit about this and couldn’t help but see the parallel to our spiritual lives. When do we grow the most? When are we most energized? It’s when we step directly into the Son. Living under the cover of darkness or in the shadow of someone or something else leaves us cold and dormant. It is when we move to an area where God is that we feel energized and we grow.

There are lots of examples where the natural world represents or parallels our spiritual world. Take time to look around and notice. By the way, here’s a fun fact, the sun is the largest star at the centre of our solar system. Even this fact gets me thinking.

Paul Campbell

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