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CHIC in Review

Dear Lighthouse Friends,

Summer has set and the dust has settled from our youth attending CHIC 2015. We wanted to update you on how the youth have continued to be blessed by CHIC.

The youth that attended continue to reflect on their trip to CHIC and grow spiritually because of this amazing opportunity.

Here is what they have to say…

“One of the most spiritual things in my life.”
William Font

“It changed how i feel about people who don’t believe in the lord.”
Rebekah Font

“I always think of that one situation that Bren, Will, Nathan and I were in and it encourages me to tell people about what God does in my life and how it can in theirs.”
Caleb DeJong

“It gives me good memories and reminds me that water is important.”
Brennan Sagle

“I like CHIC. The food at CHIC was good. The pool was painful for me because of my back flop. Worship was fun. CHIC.”
Nathan Angle

“Chic continues to impact me today by showing me I’m not alone and there is a lot of people trying to share gods word like I am. Also it showed me the power of God and if I ever feel down I reflect on the energy that there was at chic and it gives me more motivation. Lastly I think it grew my relationship with the whole group that we went with and feel more comfortable around them.”
Nate Broad

“CHIC has made an impact on my life that will be there forever. I’ve been changed in ways I didn’t think was possible. I’m a late comer to the group. Yet, throughout the CHIC week alone I’ve made friendships, that I remain to hold dearly. The week wasn’t just about making friends and slumber parties though. CHIC was a tidal wave of everything good. I can’t describe the praise we’ve witnessed and have taken part in. We all pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zones, encouraging each other and have deepening our faith. We were taught beautiful truths. For example, Judy Peterson said, “God began the repair work the moment the damage began.” We were told never to worry, “you don’t need to worry, you need to pray.” I believe we all have shifted out focus. And as we continue our journey, we can all be reminded, God is willing to take you amazing places, but only of you’re willing to go there. CHIC has not only encouraged me to be willing, but also to be excited.” Leigha Purdy

“CHIC really opened my eyes as to how I should act as a Christian sharing gods love. Helped me realize God’s desires for my life with being able to love him more.”
Erica Rempel

“CHIC has impacted me really positively. Ever since chic my mindset has changed and I’ve shifted my heart and mind. My relationship with God is really strong now. I’ve really been working on showing people that I’m a Christian by how I act. After chic I’ve been telling people in the darkness about God. I also made and strengthened so many friendships at chic.”
Brooke Sagle

“Before CHIC I wasn’t reading the bible really at all, and I’ve been reading it more and more.”
Austin Angle

Thank you to everyone who made CHIC possible and as we start to plan summer 2016 trip for the youth, we appreciate your encouragement and support!

Matt Clever
Director of Youth Ministries

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