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A message from Paul Campbell – Leadership Team Chair.

Lighthouse Community,

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoy the summer. One of my wife’s favourite things to do is sit outside with the family around a natural burning campfire. There is something about the crackle and smell that makes this such an enjoyable experience.

A friend shared a poem with me this week by Judy Brown that speaks about how a camp fire burns the best. As you sit and watch the campfire you will notice that the fire burns best when there are spaces between the logs. Pack the firewood in too tightly and you begin to smother the fire and cause the flames to diminish. Only when there are spaces for air to get in will it burn to its full potential.

I think I’m beginning to get this. Just like the fire, we need spaces in our lives. Andy Stanley calls these spaces, margins. Just as margins on the written page make it easier to read, margins or empty spaces in your life makes it easier for God to speak. Filling your life so full with little or “no margins” is like building a campfire with the firewood packed too tightly. There is no room for God to get your attention and speak to you. Soon the flame will die down and the fire is left smoldering.

This summer season is a perfect time to pull away from all that occupies and fills our lives and give space for God to speak. I encourage you to set yourself some margins, giving God the time and space He needs to speak directly to you.

Paul Campbell

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