About Us

Lighthouse Community Church exists to invite people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and others by loving God, living in community, and serving the world.


Jesus Christ and the Gospels

Jesus never saw church as a place to go, but as a people who love him and who are learning to love others. We want to experience the life-changing Truth that God has, is, and will continue to pursue relationship with His creation – no matter what our spiritual background or past has been. We celebrate the news that Jesus offered himself as the only real hope for the freedom, healing and restoration of our relationships with God, ourselves, each other, and creation.


We are becoming an open, honest, authentic community of imperfect people who are committed to growing connected and loving one another. Building healthy relationships of accountability, belonging and care – through friendships, marriages, and families – are of the utmost importance at Lighthouse.


We take great joy in partnering with God to make a difference in the world. We recognize that everything we have is a gift from God. We want to daily pursue lives that overflow with hope, gratitude and love in response to what we’ve been given. God invites everyone into this way of life. We believe this is the best way to live.


Lighthouse is a mission-focused community. This is why the church exists – to bring light to the world. We desire to convey the gospel, the “good news” of Jesus Christ to both the local and global community, both in what we say and in what we do. Jesus calls his church to be a compelling force for good in the world, and we believe that the church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves – caring about the things God cares about. We were created to live for something larger than ourselves. Because people matter to God, they MUST matter to the Church.


We are committed to remaining open to all that God has for us and to seeking His best. We recognize the need to be anticipatory, leaning forward, being part of the exciting “new things” that God is doing — things that we are privileged to be part of.


Lighthouse is a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. The ECCC is a family of Canadian churches seeking to live fully, intentionally, and missionally into our kingdom priorities.

To find out more about what the ECCC believes, visit their website.

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Started in 2000 by a small group of friends, Lighthouse Community Church uniquely emphasized the importance of relationship in a person’s journey of faith – not only relationship with God, but relationship with others. This is still evident today in the number of small groups that make up the community. These small groups “do life” together.

As Lighthouse continues to grow, we strive toward our vision of inviting people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and others.


Gerald Froese

Lead Pastor

Gerry loves Sarnia and Lighthouse. His hobbies include kayaking, biking, and reading. He is passionate about leading, teaching, having meaningful conversations, and working in teams. Gerry enjoys reimagining with our community how we can better serve God and others. Gerry and his wife Judi have been a part of Lighthouse since 2014.

Kerry Rempel

Office Administrator

Kerry uses her gifts of administration to facilitate events and care for our community. She helps to coordinate (and is involved in) many ministry teams at Lighthouse. Kerry is an encourager, loves people, and digs in wherever needed. Kerry and her husband Rich along with their girls, Erica and Rachel, have been at Lighthouse since 2009.

Matt Clever

Director of Youth Ministries

Matt is passionate about church. He loves Jesus and helping others grow in the likeness of Christ. He loves to worship the Lord with his drums, sports, and acts of service. His favourite thing is to build relationships and he is sure to keep you on your toes with his unique sense of humour. He loves to teach, learn, laugh, and receive hugs. Matt, his wife Erin, and their kids have been a part of Lighthouse since 2014.

Deb Walters

Congregational Care Assistant

Deb Walters has been an active part of Lighthouse for over a decade. She is a certified Spiritual Director (Haden Institute, Ashville NC) and a certified Enneagram Facilitator (Wagner Institute, Chicago IL). She loves to explore all the hallways in the vast construct of the Christian faith, trying doors and exploring together where God could be leading, confident with God by our side we cannot get lost.

Photos by Stephen Hunt Fotografic